Energy and Sports Drinks May be Dangerous for Minors

As schools start to let out for Summer break, kids and teens are ready to play! So parents need to be more aware than ever of their kid’s activities and nutrition to ensure a safe and healthy Summer. A recent study published by HealthDay from the American Academy of Pediatrics says “sports drinks are┬ámostly unnecessary; energy drinks dangerous for minors.” Young children and teens should avoid energy drinks entirely, the American Academy of Pediatrics said in a report issued Monday, and routine consumption of sports drinks should be limited or eliminated.

“There’s no place for energy drinks for kids,” said report co-author Dr. Marcie Beth Schneider, an adolescent physician in Greenwich, Conn. “There’s a place for sports drinks, but that place is very specific.” The caffeine and herbal stimulants found in energy drinks can be dangerous to kids, the researchers noted. Some cans or bottles of energy drinks, in fact, may contain more than 500 mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to the caffeine found in 14 cans of caffeinated soda, according to Schneider.

So just take note of what your kids are consuming and help them make smart choices that will last a lifetime! For the full article and more information on minors and energy drinks, click here

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