Help Employees Make the Most of Health Insurance

health insuranceIf you’re a small business owner who has decided to offer health insurance to employees, congratulations on making a smart investment in your business. Not only will you reap the tax benefits of providing health insurance; you’ll also cultivate a happier, healthier workplace for your workers. Of course, if having health insurance is a new experience for some of your employees, they may be unfamiliar with its benefits. Remind your workers of the following ways to make the most of their health insurance policies:

Educate themselves. Health insurance plans offer free information on exercise, wellness, nutrition, and other subjects related to personal wellness. Remind your employees to take advantage of these opportunities.

Help with addiction. For those employees who have long wished they could quit smoking, now might be their best chance. Many health insurance companies offer help with breaking the habit, from discounts on smoking cessation products, to group therapy and even personal coaching. Find out what your plan offers and make sure your employees know about their options.

Vaccinations. Most health insurance plans offer free vaccinations, such as flu shots, to keep employees healthy. This helps your bottom line too, since workers will be less likely to call in sick during flu season.

Screenings. Remind employees that their health insurance policy covers preventive screenings for cancer and other serious diseases.

Help for expectant mothers. Healthcare plans offer coverage for childbirth or baby care classes, or other educational material for pregnant women. If your employees take advantage of these opportunities, healthier children can translate into fewer sick days and happier employees.

Mental health care. Health isn’t all about preventing or curing physical ailments. Mental health is extremely important to overall health, and most insurance providers recognize this fact. Encourage employees to utilize covered mental health services, and you’ll have happier, more productive workers.

Offer healthy living rewards. Obesity and lack of exercise are two leading culprits in many common health problems. High payouts from insurance companies due to serious diseases means higher premiums for everyone. If you want to increase productivity in the workplace while helping to keep your insurance premiums low, consider offering some sort of incentive to employees. Some businesses give workers a free gym membership, while others sponsor quarterly weight loss or fitness competitions.

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