Part D Prescription Plans

pillsMedicare Part D prescription drug plans are offered by private companies. These companies administer Medicare prescription drug benefits to help Medicare beneficiaries pay for their prescription drugs.

Selecting a company and prescription drug plan can be confusing. There are important aspects that you need to consider when selecting a plan, such as: making sure your drugs are covered by the plan, copayments and deductibles. We will check to make sure your drugs are covered and help you select a plan with the most favorable out of pocket costs. We offer many different plans and will help you sift through the information making the process of selecting a plan as simple as possible.

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Amante & Associates Insurance Solutions is a licensed insurance agency that assists Medicare / Medi-Cal enrollees to explain their health plan options. Calling the number listed on this web site or selecting the “Contact Us” feature will direct you to a licensed insurance agent/broker for Medicare Advantage organizations and Prescription Drug Plan sponsors.