If you’re determined to live a healthier lifestyle, you might be researching all of the changes you should make. Along with a better diet and more exercise, you could be considering everything from vitamin supplements to lowering your exposure to electromagnetic fields. In fact, you could make a change every day this year and still find more suggestions online!

But rather than making dozens or hundreds of small changes, it would probably be easier to make just a few changes that carry maximum rewards. That way, you don’t stress yourself out with too many changes at once, but you can still significantly improve your health.

1. Don’t stock certain foods at home. No one is saying you can never have ice cream or potato chips again. But we all have certain trigger foods that are hard to put down once we start eating them. If you regularly find yourself scraping the bottom of the chip bag or digging into a half-gallon of Rocky Road, just don’t buy those foods when you go grocery shopping. It’s easier to make rational decisions at 3 pm in the grocery store than it is at midnight when you’re tired and stressed.

2. Change your work habits. If you sit in front of a computer all day, consider switching to a standing desk. People who stand burn about 50 more calories per hour! If you decide to keep your comfortable office chair, set an alarm to remind you to take breaks. Walk around the office building or do a few jumping jacks in your office. Try not to be sedentary all day, and rev up your metabolism in little bursts.

3. Switch to water. This is possibly the most powerful health choice you can make. You probably aren’t aware of how many calories you consume through sugary drinks, but you will notice a difference on the scale when you switch to water! Aside from causing weight issues, soft drinks actually increase dehydration, which can trigger headaches, low energy, and other bothersome symptoms. Most people who switch to water notice considerable improvement in how they feel every day.

4. Take up a hobby that encourages you to move. You don’t have to join a gym, buy fancy exercise equipment, or try every workout trend you see on TV. Just take up one activity that encourages you to move, such as biking with your family or walking with a neighbor after dinner each night. Choose something you enjoy, and it won’t feel like a burden – but you will reap the rewards of additional exercise.