It’s easy to say you’re interested in healthy living or you’re going to get into better shape. But putting that plan into action can be a challenge. What steps should you take to reach your overall goal? It often helps to make some very simple, but straightforward, changes in your daily routine.

Sit up straight. Slouching causes back soreness, which will negatively impact your mood and energy. On the flip side, sitting up straight engages your abdominal muscles, and also helps you to appear more confident. Try to stay conscious of your posture throughout the day.

Sit less. Good posture while sitting is important, but the truth is that we all sit too much! Sitting all day increases your risk of kidney disease, and a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health overall. Get up and move around as often as you can. Take phone calls while standing, and take frequent breaks to get up, move around, and stretch.

Organize your life. Check out free smart phone apps and find ones that help you schedule your workouts, keep track of calorie intake, or plan healthy meals. Speaking of meal planning, try planning healthy meals and shopping once per week. Remember to pack healthy lunches, and keep your running shoes in your car so that you’re always prepared to take a walk or hit the gym.

Try new foods. When you go shopping for those healthy meal ingredients, choose one new type of fruit or healthy snack. Trying new foods on a regular basis is the best way to prevent boredom with your diet. If you enjoy cooking, experiment with new exotic recipes once in a while, too!

Drink enough water. You’ve heard it a million times before, but you still may not be drinking enough water. Buy a refillable water bottle, and keep it with you throughout the day. Remember that you should be drinking 64 ounces of water per day in order to stay adequately hydrated.

Commit yourself to 8 hours of sleep each night. Sleep helps your body to regulate the hormones which control metabolism and appetite. Getting enough sleep also ensures that you’ll have the energy to get through your workout routine the next day. If you need to purchase room darkening shades, a white noise machine, or even a new mattress, consider it an investment in healthy living.