The holidays have come and gone, but many of us are stuck in a terrible eating pattern. It’s normal to indulge in a bit more sugar in December, but then we forget to go back to our regular, healthier habits once all of the celebrations are over!

You might already be nodding your head, because you’re aware of your “guilty” status. Or, you might have slipped into poor habits without even realizing it. If any of the following signs apply to you, you’re eating too much sugar lately.

You feel tired often. A diet loaded with simple carbohydrates will skyrocket your blood sugar levels, followed shortly after by a crash. This leaves you feeling tired, and often grumpy. You probably can’t concentrate well, either.

You’re craving sugar. That same blood sugar roller coaster leaves you craving even more sugar. Once you kick the habit, sugar cravings usually subside within a few weeks.

Everything tastes more bitter. When you eat too much sugar, you’re training your taste buds to prefer sweetness. After a while, healthy, low-sugar foods taste more bitter than they really are, making you less likely to enjoy healthy fare like salads.

Your “guilt” is written all over your face. A diet heavy in sugar causes hormonal imbalances and weakens your immune system, leaving you prone to acne breakouts.

You’ve been sick lately. Speaking of that weakened immune system, have you been extra susceptible to illness recently? Blame the sugar.

Your dentist is perturbed with you (or happy, considering the size of your last bill!) A diet heavy in sugar is going to cause problems like cavities and inflamed gums. You have to fix the damage now, but in the future a low-sugar diet can prevent these problems from happening again.

You’ve gained weight. This is probably the most obvious sign of all. Your pants are tight, and the bathroom scale is giving you a number you don’t like. Sugar is one of the biggest culprits in weight problems.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you know what you need to do. Cut back on the sugar, and fill your plate with wholesome fruits, veggies, lean protein sources, and whole grains. In a few weeks you’ll feel better, and your taste buds will acclimate and appreciate a healthy diet once again.