Open Enrollment Coming to a Close

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The Open Enrollment period for health insurance ends on January 31, and unless you have a special qualifying life event, you won't be able to make changes to your health insurance policy (or enroll in a new plan) until Open Enrollment begins again this fall. If you obtained health insurance through Covered California in 2015,

Covered California Announces Important Changes for 2016

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As Open Enrollment season gets underway, many of you are wondering about the cost of premiums for health insurance coverage in 2016. Ever since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, we have noticed a steady increase in the price of health insurance. The good news for the upcoming year is that the

Do You Need a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Plan?

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Most people are happy to become eligible for Medicare benefits upon reaching their 65th birthday. For some, this means they can retire knowing that their health care needs are covered. For others, who are already retired, it means that they can drop their other, more expensive health insurance plan. And yet, you might find that

Health Insurance 101 for Newlyweds

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You've just promised to love one another “in sickness and in health”.. but let's hope you will both experience nothing but good health! Of course, enrolling in a health insurance plan is always a good idea, especially because the preventive medicine covered by most plans can help to ensure you enjoy a long and healthy

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