It’s Time to Evaluate Your Health Insurance Plan

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Have you felt satisfied with your health insurance plan over the past year? Have you received a notice that your provider is dropping out of your local market, or that details of your plan are changing? Do you even have health insurance (a few people still don't)? Are you new to Medicare? Health insurance is

What to Do if You Get Sick on Vacation

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You've spent months planning this vacation... and there you are, in the mountains of Nepal, on the beaches of Greece, or 2000 miles from home... and you're sick. This certainly isn't what you envisioned, but we can't always plan for every circumstance. Sometimes illness strikes at the worst times. Obviously, it's easier to prevent illness

Get Ready for Open Enrollment This Fall

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  The days are getting shorter, kids are going back to school, and you might already be dreaming of Thanksgiving dinner. And you know what else happens in the fall? Open Enrollment for health insurance begins on November 1st. While the annual enrollment period does run through January 31st of next year, it's really best

You Can Still Purchase a Dental or Vision Insurance Plan!

By |2021-05-16T17:35:47-07:00February 9th, 2016|Dental Health, Health Insurance|

As you know, our annual Open Enrollment season for health insurance ended on January 31. Unless you have a qualifying life event during the year, you won't be able to make changes to your health insurance plan or enroll in a plan until Open Enrollment begins again in the fall. But did you know that

The Best Exercise is Also the Simplest

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  Many people struggle to find a form of exercise that they enjoy, that isn't too difficult, or that they can fit into their schedule. But the best exercise is also something incredibly simple, and you're already doing it every day! All you need is a decent pair of shoes, and you can start walking

No Special Enrollment Period for Health Care this Year

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As you may already know, under the Individual Mandate part of our new health care laws, you can be charged a penalty on your taxes if you fail to enroll in a health insurance policy. In 2016, the penalty is set to increase sharply from the relatively small fees imposed last year. Those who fail

Give Your Family the Gift of Good Health

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How was your Black Friday? Did you score some great deals on Cyber Monday? We all love this festive season, holiday parties, comfort food, and the great deals on toys and gadgets. Some people even wait all year to make major purchases at this time, knowing they can save a significant amount of money by

Don’t Take Risks with Your Health Care

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Covered California is currently operating the annual Open Enrollment period, giving you a valuable opportunity to enroll in a health insurance policy. If you don't already have health insurance, now is the time to protect yourself and your family with quality health care coverage, while avoiding any possible tax penalty for failing to enroll in

Choosing the Right Deductible for Your Health Insurance Coverage

By |2021-05-16T18:21:42-07:00November 4th, 2015|Health Insurance|

During the Open Enrollment season, many consumers will face some choices about their health insurance plan: Should I enroll in health insurance now? Should I make changes to my current plan? Should I choose a high deductible or low deductible policy? All health insurance plans on the market fall into one of four categories: Bronze,

Open Enrollment for Covered California

By |2021-05-16T18:25:06-07:00October 28th, 2015|Health Insurance, Obamacare Open Enrollment|

Beginning November 1, and running through January 31, 2016, Covered California will operate its annual Open Enrollment period. During this time, you can enroll in a health insurance policy or make changes to your existing policy. Amante and Associates is here to help! Those of you who are already enrolled in a health insurance plan

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