Health insurance requirements and options keep changing, sometimes so rapidly that it’s difficult to keep up. If you don’t yet have health insurance in California, you’ve recently moved to the state, or if you’ve lost your healthcare plan for any reason, you need to know about Covered California. The following answers to common questions will get you started.

What is Covered California?

Covered California is the state’s healthcare plan exchange. After creating an account on Covered California, you can view the different plans available to you, compare their options, and learn about all associated costs. You will also be able to apply for subsidies that cover some or even most of your plan’s premiums.

Plans on the exchange include both typical and Medi-Cal plans from “brand name” health insurance companies.

Who is Eligible for Covered California?

All residents of California who are not enrolled in another healthcare plan, such as a group benefits plan from an employer, can utilize Covered California. This includes immigrants of any status, some of whom might only qualify for Medi-Cal.

What are the Covered California “tiers” of healthcare plans?

Healthcare plans offered through the exchange are organized into “tiers”, based on coverage and out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Bronze – these plans impose the lowest premiums, highest out-of-pocket costs, and 60 percent coverage
  • Silver – premiums and out-of-pocket costs are a bit higher than Bronze plans, with coverage typically at 70 percent
  • Gold – premiums are higher, but other out-of-pocket costs are lower, and coverage is at 80 percent
  • Platinum – these plans impose the highest premiums but offer 90 percent coverage and the lowest out-of-pocket costs

How do I qualify for Covered California subsidies?

Subsidies, which lower the cost of your premiums, are available based on financial need. When you apply for coverage through Covered California, you will submit information relating to your income and family size to determine the amount of your subsidy.

We offer free assistance with Covered California by helping you to understand the different plan options, helping you to enroll, and helping you to apply for subsidies. If you need assistance with your application, call us to schedule an appointment.

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