How was your Black Friday? Did you score some great deals on Cyber Monday?

We all love this festive season, holiday parties, comfort food, and the great deals on toys and gadgets. Some people even wait all year to make major purchases at this time, knowing they can save a significant amount of money by waiting for the doorbuster deals.

But don’t get so busy shopping for a new high-definition TV – or sleepy from too much egg nog – that you forget about this year’s Open Enrollment! Yep, that’s right; December is the time for joy, cheer, gifts… and health insurance decisions.

Nothing is more important to you than your family. That’s why you spend so much time searching for just the right presents, and baking their favorite treats. But while it’s not as much fun, comparing health insurance policies is probably even more important than gingerbread cookies and adorable sweaters. The right health insurance policy will protect your family and keep them healthy all year long.

And remember those deals you wanted to score? Keep in mind that health insurance is often one of the best deals you can find. Without insurance, a single illness or accident could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars – or more – in medical bills next year. We’re not trying to suck the joy out of the season, or anything. We simply think it’s important to remind all of our customers that their health insurance policy is truly one of the most important purchases they will make this year.

If you qualify for a subsidy to help offset the cost of your premiums, as many Californians do, then health insurance will be even more affordable for you. But you won’t know how much help you can receive toward your premiums, unless you log into the Covered California system and apply for coverage.

Covered California will be operating its annual Open Enrollment season until January 31. So remember, take a break from decorating the tree and give us a call. We can help you apply for coverage, compare health insurance plans, and choose the one that is right for your family. Next year, give your loved ones the gift of health care protection.